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Heritage Canada Welcomes Federal Budget – Press Release

Ottawa, ON February 23, 2005 - The Heritage Canada Foundation today welcomed the heritage provisions in the federal Budget tabled this afternoon by the Minister of Finance.

Commenting earlier today from Parliament Hill, Brian Anthony, executive director of the Foundation, congratulated the Minister of Finance and his departmental officials for renewing the funding for the federally-led Historic Places Initiative (HPI) over the next five years. "The HPI is a vitally important first step towards halting the alarming loss of our historic building stock," said Anthony, "and this multi-year funding is a welcome sign of the federal commitment to the preservation of our built heritage."

The budget also contained a five-year commitment to assist Parks Canada in addressing the pressures on the physical infrastructure in the national historic sites and national parks under the care of that agency. "This welcome provision will go some way," Anthony indicated, "to responding to the problems identified last year by the Auditor General of Canada."

The executive director expressed regret that the budget did not contain the tax incentives for heritage preservation recommended by the Heritage Canada Foundation, but said that federal officials had indicated to him that they would continue to work with the Foundation to that end."